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Choosing the right Training Company?

How do I choose the right Locksmith Training company?

Choosing a company to train with can be hard and at times confusing. Comparing companies and seeing exactly what you get for your money is a must. Course cost, location, overnight stays etc are always a consideration, but should not dictate your choice. Opting for a particular company on these grounds can be costly. Most importantly, choose a company you are comfortable with and feel will give you the most for the investment your making for your future.

What should I consider when choosing a Locksmith Training company?

It is an unfortunate fact that as with any trade that offers trade related training services there will be 'Rogue' & 'Fly-by-Night' companies. It is with this in mind that we urge you to 'do your homework' when choosing a company to train with, as it could otherwise prove a costly mistake. We are aware of training taking place in peoples 'spare rooms' and sheds!

We are of course, not at liberty to name these companies whom we know to have no, or very little experience both as training providers or even as Locksmiths, one or two even offering training services only a few months after being trained themselves.

Why are we telling you this? Well, it's in no way intended for you to choose us as opposed to any other training provider. It is simply to make you aware of the current situation ,and with the hope you will not be provided with inadequate and sub standard training, or be mislead by exagerated website content and claims.

Some things to look out for and ask!

  • Is the cost too good to be true? Never is the saying 'You get what you pay for' truer. 

  • Look for obvious signs of web content copying and exagerated claims of potential earnings etc.

  • Look out for national companies offering training, franchises etc....they may not say it, but they do have vested interests.

  • Always ask exactly where the training takes place.

  • Do they only advertise a mobile phone contact number? If so, steer clear.

  • Do they show their address on their contact information, if not, do not pay deposits etc by phone or online.

  • How long have they been a) locksmiths, and b) training providers.

  • Can you visit the training venue prior to booking a course?

  • Can they provide legitimate references or testimonials from previous trainees?

Why should I choose Island Locks - The Locksmith Training Company?

All our courses are run by full time trading locksmiths, who use the techniques you will be taught, on a day-to-day basis. We are dedicated in training you to the highest standards and ethics, and being soleley a Locksmith company, we have no other vested interests. Our policy is to always, where possible, use non-destructive opening methods, and ensure that you have the skills necessary to use these methods upon completion of the relevant course. This we guarantee.

Qualifications and Locksmith Associations


Locksmith Qualifications?

You have probably seen some Training Companies that offer different type's of 'Locksmith Qualifications'? There are currently NO recognised locksmith qualification's that you can obtain in the UK and there is no industry standards for locksmiths to adhere to.
These qualifications will not act as a stepping stone for you to obtain a job or locksmith work. They are simply offered so that some training companies, that choose to, are eligible to offer training to certain organisation's such as the MOD who will fund course places.


NCFE  Level 3 Enhanced Locksmith Certificate of Achievement and City & Guilds?

As above, there are currently NO industry recognised Locksmith Qualifications or Certificates obtainable in the UK, no matter what you may have been told or read elsewhere. The NCFE in simple terms is an accreditation to the training provider and not the learner. These are also not recognised by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual) and are therefore non-regulated. The same applies to any City & Guilds qualifications where these are also not industry recognised.


Do I have to join a Locksmith Association?

There is no obligation to join any locksmith, or any other type of association or organisation in the UK in order to trade as a locksmith. There are numerous associations available for Locksmiths to join in the UK, so choosing one if you wish to join, can be difficult. Some training companies offer membership to certain locksmiths associations, and some associations offer training services. You should know that companies offering membership to associations after completing a course, are generally the associations themselves! It is simply a matter of choice if you join an association, and if you think this would benefit your business.

What will I learn?

Will I learn enough to start working as a competent Locksmith?

This is a yes & no question! Yes, you will have gained some of the skills and knowledge required to start working as a general domestic and commercial locksmith, and this can be as soon as you leave the course. But No, you could not at this stage call yourself a fully competent locksmith. Confused?, read on. Our four day course will give you the foundation needed to becomming a Locksmith and running your own successfull business. Only you will know when you are ready, and feel competent enough to start doing the job for real. On the course you will have opened the types of locks in most common use today, and gained an understanding of how and why these locks can be picked and manipulated, using various opening techniques. There are of course hundreds of different locks out there and it would be impossible for us to show you them all. Attending the course will get you off on the right foot, though we have to stress that you will still have a fair amount to learn, and this takes time, commitment, and a willingness to achieve. Having gained the skills and knowledge you will have been taught, you will be able to improve and build upon these in your own time, and at your own pace. A lot will be learnt when you first start out and on your first few jobs. This is also why we run the Advanced courses, so you can learn at a sensible and realistic pace, learn what you need to learn, and also to suit your budget.

Starting your Business, Getting Work & Set-up Costs

What type of Locksmith will I be?

Our courses are designed to teach general locksmithing skills, opening domestic & commercial locks, lock repair, lock fitting etc, which are all fundamental skills that all locksmiths should have. Some locksmiths then choose to move into more specialised areas of locksmithing such as auto specialist, safe and vault specialist, access control specialist etc. The one thing these will have in common are general locksmith skills as their foundation.

How do I start my business, how much will I earn, and how much will it cost?

As part of our Three day course you will recieve a comprehensive manual covering everything you have learnt during your time with us. Also within the manual is general Business start up advice and information. This covers subjects such as: Registering as self employed, Advertising, Insurance, Vehicles, and record keeping. There are also many organisations offering business start up advice which is totally free, as well as the wealth of information available on the internet. Don't waste money paying for business advice!

The earning potential of a locksmith can indeed be good, but some factors have to be taken into account. Any new business takes time to grow, and because of this it would be unrealistic to expect earnings of £1000 - £2000 per week when you first start out, as you may have heard elsewhere. Any new business will have start up costs, advertising, tools, insurance, vehicle etc, and all these things have to be taken into account, as it will of course reflect what you initialy earn. These costs will vary though depending on your budget and the type of services you will initially be offering. As with any business, the more work you put into it, the more you will get out of it, and this will only come with time, hard work, and patience.

Where will I get my work from when I first start my business?

Any new business takes time to grow and become established. Most new Locksmiths tend to be mobile based and therefore do not have the advantage of shop based business's who can profit from passing trade. Phone books for instance are only published once a year so it may be a case of having to wait a while to advertise in these. It is simply a case of letting people know that you are there, work will not initially come to you! Business cards, flyer's, and local newspaper advertising are cheap & simple ways to get your business noticed. Websites are a good form of advertising and needn't be expensive to set up. How you get your business noticed is a matter of choice, but we will show you what we know works, from a Locksmiths perspective.
Some companies will offer you 'Areas' on Locksmith search web sites for a monthly or yearly cost? They will generally use phrases such as 'Approved' 'Recognised' 'Qualified' locksmiths etc, but this is simply a play on words. Generally you will NOT obtain a great deal of work from sites such as this, and more often not enough to cover the monthly or annual cost? There are though plenty of FREE search web sites that you can advertise on. We can advise you on the current and best ways of promoting your business.

Some Locksmith Training Companies offer work through them or  from third parties after completing their course?

This is commonly known as sub-contracting, and can be a good way of getting work straight away, whilst perhaps waiting for your own business advertising to get under way. Take a look through the yellow pages or a quick Google search, and you will see numerous national Locksmith companies. These companies do not do the work they get themselves, as they are merely a call centre who will then pass the work onto local Locksmiths who are registered with them. Some companies will charge you an annual registration fee, but we strongly recommend seeking recommendation and advice before signing up to any companies that ask for this. It is simply a matter of choice if you choose to do this type of work. We are happy to pass on details of companies who offer sub-contracting though we do not make promises of work. Island Locks believe that by having a good business plan, support from ourselves, and promoting your business positively,, is the best way of obtaining your own jobs. The more work you put into your business, the more success you will have.

Other Popular Questions.

Can I visit the workshop before I decide to book a course?

Yes. Anyone thinking of attending a course is welcome to come and visit us at our training workshop. You are also more than welcome to bring along some locks of your own so you can see first hand these being picked. Just give us a call to arrange a visit.

What if I need additional help or advice after attending a course?

After you have been on our course we will back you up with on going 24hr help and support, for whatever reason and for as long as you need. If you’re stuck on a job, or if you need to source a lock or tool, we will always just be a phone call away. This is available for as long as you need us, and has no cost or time restriction attached. You are also more than welcome to come back at any time and refresh your skills at our workshop, and this again is totally free of charge.

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